The difference between motorcycle riding suit and rally suit

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1. Different categories

Cycling clothing: there are many categories, can also be divided into racing clothing and road cycling clothing.

Rally wear: single suit, belonging to a small category of cycling wear category.

2. Different functions

Cycling clothing: the main function of road cycling clothing is to play a protective role, while the main function of racing clothing is to reduce resistance, with relatively simple functions and no other distinctive functions.

Pull suit: wind and rain, the most function, warm breathable, in addition to the outside bad weather, road conditions and other effects on the body to lower, but also the body produced water vapor discharge, to avoid sweat condensation, the overall function is various, is a good clothing to go out.

3. Different use conditions

Cycling clothes: can adapt to different use environment, according to the actual needs of the corresponding types of cycling clothes, road cycling clothes can be selected when riding on the road, racing clothes.

Pull suit: compare for storm weather, fog also often use pull suit.

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