Cycling clothing selection and introduction

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      There are many cycling clothes, such as gloves, helmets, shoes, cycling jackets, cycling pants, cuffs and other cycling pants are more important than cycling jackets. Clothing types are divided into: UV protection performance. There are two ways to achieve this function:

1) coating class: is to add coating on the surface of ordinary cloth, coating protection, uv blocking purpose;

2) Fiber is in the fabric weaving process, the uv isolation factor is added to the fiber. Realize the function of fiber blocking ultraviolet rays;

In addition, wearing cycling pants is not necessary to wear underwear, otherwise the breathable effect is also greatly reduced oh, generally speaking, riding clothes are close-fitting, can effectively avoid the situation of joyriding, I believe you and I have worn loose sports clothes riding back was almost blown into a balloon experience. So we can effectively reduce wind resistance.

Why is it necessary? The reason is simple, it allows you to ride better, it allows you to have less wind resistance, it allows you to have better exhaust perspiration, and in the simplest terms it's cool, it's necessary from a demand point of view, it's professional from a player point of view.

The fabric of cycling clothing is generally made of various breathable materials launched by major companies, so the sweat generated during cycling can be quickly discharged from the body. This is something that cotton clothes cannot achieve. But there is also a problem, almost all cycling clothing, tend to be relatively thin, and easy to pilling.

In addition, we must pay attention to the insulation of the waist when we go out for cycling, especially when the temperature is relatively low. Long-term exposure to the wind and low temperature exposes the waist, which is very easy to cause waist pain and other problems. Check out the following cycling suits:

1. Thick fleece cycling clothes: with fluff inside, it is the thickest cycling clothes fabric. It is cumbersome to wear and almost has no elasticity, but has better thermal insulation performance;

2. Thin fleece cycling clothes: with nap inside, the structure is the same as that of thick fleece cycling clothes, but the wool is slightly shorter and the fabric is thinner than that of thick fleece fabric, but it has a certain flexibility, namely elasticity. Thermal performance is the second, wearing riding can be fully warm at the same time feel more light and comfortable;

3. Thick mesh cycling clothes: more consideration is given to breathability, which is the watershed of cycling clothes fabrics. Thick mesh fabrics are essentially different from fleece fabrics, and there is no nap in thick mesh fabrics.

4. Thin mesh cycling clothes: thinner fabric, stronger elasticity, stronger air permeability, taking into account the performance of fast drying, high elasticity and wear resistance to the greatest extent;

5. Grid fabric cycling clothing: it belongs to the same period as thin mesh fabric, and its thermal performance is between thick mesh fabric and thin mesh fabric.

Cycling clothing can be roughly divided into the following types according to style:

1. Long sleeve cycling suit

2. Long sleeve fleece cycling suit set

3. Short sleeve cycling suit

4. Cycling tops

5. Cycling shorts

6. Overalls

7. Cycling skirts

8. Cycling underwear

9. Raincoat (skin coat)

The main function lies in the design of wide pads. This layer is often made of COOLMAX materials. It's all about air and stuff up there. The main purpose is to cushion the vibrations from the ground that are transmitted through the cushion.

Given these benefits, cycling pants are worth buying at a relatively low price (you can buy a pair for under $50). Riding pants are commonly use 4 Angle design (a few have a triangle design, not much), the purpose is to reduce the cushion 2 side of thigh constant friction damage, need to remind you note: along with the increase in use, pads will become thinner, and gradually lost its effect, so the cycling shorts or consumption goods. The more expensive cycling pants have a thicker seat, feel better and work better.