How does the man choose ski clothes

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      Seeing the snow season is coming, the relatives who have practiced hard for a year can finally enjoy the fun of flying on the snow. However, will you rent ski clothes at a ski resort this year as usual? Or go for it in your own cold suit? Today, Here are some tips on how to get your ski suit in one step.

1, look at the style

When choosing a ski suit, be sure to pick your favorite styles and colors. On the contrary, no matter how expensive the ski clothing, no matter how loud the brand, no matter how many functions, as long as they do not like, will affect the quality of skiing.

2. Choose colors

If you want to wear a snow suit for a long time, it is recommended to choose plain colors when choosing. Overly colorful color schemes are easily influenced by fashion trends and go out of fashion quickly. Red, orange, yellow, blue and green can be in great contrast to Snow White, which is very eye-catching in the ski resort. It is recommended to wear fluorescent snow clothing in cloudy, snowy or dim weather.

3, confirm the size


During snowboarding, the waist and knee joint remain bent for a long time, and the body movement range is relatively large in sliding. Therefore, it is recommended to choose relatively loose ski clothing.

Tip: Beginners recommend matching tops and pants with the same brand. It doesn't matter to the master of the big god level, veneer white wearing different brands of shirt and pants will fall a lot oh ~

Double plate

Snowboarding is not as wide as snowboarding, so you can choose the same size as your normal sports clothes. If you need to wear many layers underneath to protect you from the cold, it is recommended that you choose a larger size to be more comfortable.

4, try it on


The shirt should be loose, and the length of the sleeve should be slightly longer than the wrist after the arm is straight up.

The trousers

The length of the pants should be ankle length when squatting. The style of snowboarding is different from snowboarding, so pants should not be too long like snowboarding.

5. Sliding style

Competition money

Ski suits used in competitions are usually better protected from the cold and snow, with the sponsor's LOGO prominently displayed on the suits and relatively high prices. Skiers usually wear their one-piece suits under their ski suits, so for ease of wearing and taking off, the pants are generally open on the side, so that skiers can take off their pants and start the race without dragging their snowshoes.

General purpose

Specially designed for ordinary alpine skiing, the ski suit emphasizes the alpine skiing posture of the skier, highlighting the graceful skiing posture of the rotary skiing. At the same time, it also increases the functionality of the snow suit. Usually, there are many pockets in the jacket, which is convenient for skiers to carry their wallets, mobile phones, snow tickets, earphones and other small things with them. This kind of ski suit has various colors and styles.

Freestyle skiing

Designed for skiers who do flips and jumps on the snow, the clothing focuses on fashion elements and is generally updated every year.

Wild snow special

Specifically for like sliding wild snow skiers ski suit, prior assumptions powder snow ski brutal conditions and woods, to the snow clothing materials and sewing methods to do special processing, the cold, warm, waterproof, air permeability have higher requirements, so the price on the high side, of course the durability is very high also, insist to do maintenance on a regular basis, and even you can wear for 10 years. Also, in case of an avalanche, some ski suits are equipped with special equipment to expel exhaled air from behind, which can lead to a lack of oxygen due to the formation of ice membranes around the mouth.

6, functionality,


Most of the ski resorts in China are located in the inland, where the wind is cold, the climate is dry and the snow is hard. It is suggested to choose New Shirley or Primaloft with better inner insulation material.

Umbrellas are usually 200 to 500mm waterproof, which refers to the number of millimeters of water per square centimeter of area that can be held in one hour. It is recommended to choose waterproof material of JIS specifications above 10,000mm.

Through the humidity

Permeable humidity refers to the mass value of water vapor through a certain relative humidity difference, a certain thickness and a 1 square meter area of the film in 24h. Choose the material of high humidity to make ski clothes, can help the body in the process of skiing to discharge moisture to keep dry and comfortable for a long time, help to improve the quality of skiing.

Heating function

Using hygroscopic and calorific fiber fabrics because of the sweat and water will produce chemical reaction in the fiber, so the temperature inside the clothes will rise 2 ~ 3℃, in addition to improving the moisturizing performance, but also has the effect of keeping the PH value in neutral, and has the effect of sterilization and deodorization.


Some brands use draping for ski wear and add stretch material to key areas to improve performance.

Snow proof hem and cuffs

There is a double layer structure at the cuff and hem position of the jacket and the opening of the trouser leg. The inner layer has an elastic closure with anti-skid rubber. After tightening, it can effectively prevent snow from entering and enhance the thermal protection effect of the snow suit.