Teach you how to choose motorcycle gloves, gloves hundreds of kinds, safe kind

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First of all, there are two things that need to be recognized: commuting, running mountains, racing tracks, and motorcycle travel. It's really hard to choose between the functionality, comfort, and protection that gloves should have.

Racing gloves

Racing gloves are usually quite protective, especially with safety designs such as knuckle guards, finger Bridges, palm sliders and wrist reinforcement, not only for the palm, but also for the wrist protection.

Knuckle guards, finger Bridges, etc. are common safety designs for racing gloves. However, all of the above glove features are disadvantages that cannot be ignored in different use situations. Numerous protective blocks mean poor wearing comfort, but also reduce the convenience of wearing, which is not conducive to the frequent use of wearing and taking off. When it is hot, it not only makes the knight feel uncomfortable, but also reduces the service life of gloves. Such gloves are suitable for people running in mountains

Cloth short gloves

The existence of short gloves, is standing on the opposite of racing gloves, short gloves because the fabric use for cloth, fabric is in the use of light, so many ventilated sex is cortical, hand sweat crazy flow is also relative to a sharp fall in a lot of, get wet in rain and make the gloves also don't need to worry too much, only need to wash after using the fan blow dry, It won't damage the gloves or leave any lingering odor.

While short gloves with a touch function are popular, short cloth gloves generally use fewer hard blocks. Cloth short gloves offer excellent ventilation, but are almost nonexistent in cold weather

Leather short gloves

In order to compensate for the durability and protection of cloth short gloves, leather short gloves have been developed, often with a variety of protective blocks to provide good protection of the palm.

Although the wearability of coriaceous is very excellent, but need more careful maintenance.


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